Sumangali Saraswati

Sumangali Saraswati

I am an intuitive healer, psychic & spiritual coach. I work with subtle energies that uplift human consciousness & spirit to achieve better physical, mental & spiritual health. Following the teachings of my higher guides, I have developed a keen understanding of universal laws & principles, a profound perception of energies across dimensions and a deep connection with the universal consciousness and the primal life force 'prana' that sustains everything. 


Juggling a successful corporate career & a bustling home, I always felt a deep yearning for a missing ancient connection. I stumbled upon my ability to feel & manifest energies quite accidentally in May 2013 during my first brush with transcendental meditation. Over the next few years, I opened up to my clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience & healing abilities while exploring the established practices of various energy healing schools. However, I found the individual expression of my gifts, the ancient connection with my spiritual guides & an understanding of my soul mandate through powerful pathworking meditations with Kathy Roseborough. 


Today, I am a certified TEE Scan Health Practitioner from the World Healing Academy and channel healings & soul path guidance through the grace of the divine. I am able to build an energetic connection with anyone across space & time to intuitively understand the energetic imbalances and offer healing & guidance needed. While I am capable of imparting any kind of healing including chakra balancing, ancestral karma clearing & akashic record guidance & quantum energy work, I prefer to customise my offerings based on the needs of your soul & the guidance of your higher self.


My commitment to simplifying spiritual concepts flows into all aspects of my work & I hope to work with seekers & skeptics alike on their journey to find their wellbeing, truth & identity.

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Location:119 Payne Cres, Aurora, ON, Canada

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