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Abundance Mentoring

Having what we Need, Want, Desire is Abundance!

Freedom from what we don’t Need, Want, Desire is Abundance!

Celebrating how Abundant we are is Abundance!

Loving yourself & your life unconditionally is the first step to claim the abundance meant for you in every sphere of your life. 


I had to learn it the hard way. I lived many years of my life masking my lack of drive as being satisfied, my disconnect with my inner divine feminine as lacking creativity, my inability to establish boundaries in relationships as being a giver. Even after my spiritual awakening, it was easy for me to believe in the power of the universe and its abundant blessings but very difficult to truly accept that I am the key to unlocking these blessings. Once I did, the flood gates opened, I was able to accomplish more in a year of my life than the rest of my life put together.


Leading an abundant life is a right we were all born with, no conditions attached. However, the road to claim this right involves connecting with our inner self & understanding that all the traits that we believe we need to be successful in our life are already within us, hiding right behind our fears & disbelief. 


The internet is full of inspirational stories & mine is not very different, however, my deep understanding of energies made it possible for me to understand abundance at its core & my passion to simplify everything helped me break this understanding into a step by step program that I call ‘Unlocking your Superpowers’.


The Program involves opening you up to traits that I lovingly refer to as ‘the superpowers’ innate to all of us. These traits are the highest expression of the five elements of nature within us – Passion (Fire Element), Creativity (Water Element), Intention (Air Element), Manifestation (Earth Element) & Intuition (Ether Element). It is a step by step process to help you understand & connect with these concepts, awakening your innate wisdom & understanding using simple tips, tricks & even some hacks to make the process easier. 

My work as an Intuitive Healer is a vital component of this program. I use my abilities to understand your soul path, the energetic blueprint of strengths and fears you carry within you, so I can customize the program to work with your strengths & overcoming your fears or the so-called weaknesses.




CAD 2000 (all-inclusive)


The 8-week mentoring program would focus on:

  • Evoking your Passion, Creativity & Inspiration to help you fall deeply in love with your life

  • Help you heal emotionally to connect with Unconditional Love within you & activating your Creativity

  • Living Intentionally every day & mastering your mind to develop an Abundance Mindset

  • Manifesting an Abundant Life in alignment with your Life Purpose & aspirations


The mentoring program break-up:

1 Soul Path Reading & Healing Session to understand your soul's journey: 1.5 hours at the beginning of the program

6 Sessions of Mentoring & Learning: 1 hour every week for 6 weeks

1 Soul Path Reading & Healing Closing Session: 1.5 hours at the end of the program

1 follow-up session after 15 days to monitor progress - 1 hour

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