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Spiritual Guidance

All sessions are offered online or in-person based on client's preference!
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15 min

Pain and discomfort, whether physical or emotional, is the body’s way of asking for help. Even a constant state of unhappiness or anxiety is not a normal state of functioning for our being. Are you willing to dig deeper into what may be blocking your wellbeing?

Or, are you on a spiritual journey, looking for a missing link that connects you to your inner voice? You may not even recognise that you are looking for spiritual guidance, it may just manifest as a deep knowing that something is missing, that you want more, you need to be more. Are you ready to look inwards to find out more?

Divination & Psychic Guidance
30 min

This session focuses on higher guidance on any issues you may be facing. For this session, I largely rely on channeling guidance from the Spirit on the particular issue & follow it up with Tarot & Oracle reading to offer practical advice to implement the guidance in your life.

Feel your Light, Connect with Self Love
1 hr

This session is focused on clearing & balancing your chakras, connecting with energies of love peace & harmony & understanding your soul’s yearning & desires. I would recommend booking 2 sessions over a course of 2 weeks to feel the lasting effects of connecting with your own light.

Health & Wellness Healing
1 hr

This session is focused on healing physical & emotional ailments. I recommend booking 4 sessions spread out over a period of 2 weeks to experience tangible results & decide the future course of action. If you feel no difference in your condition after these 4 sessions, I would offer you a 100% refund.

Soul Path & Light Body Activation
1 hr

A package of 4 sessions spread over 4 weeks to assist you on your spiritual journey. It’s designed to help you connect deeper with your inner self & higher guides. The sessions flow intuitively based on your soul needs & guidance from the divine but may touch upon deeper aspects of healing including healing emotional wounds, releasing karmic influences, guidance from the akashic records & establishing a practice for you to connect with your higher guides.

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