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Intuitive Energy Healing

All sessions are offered online or in-person based on client's preference!
*All Prices in CAD

All ancient cultures revered the power of the divine light of the source spirit & its manifestation as unconditional love in creation. They built their lives and society to stay connected with these powers. Energy healing finds its roots in almost all ancient cultures & is the art and science of evolving our receptivity to divine light & the freely available subtle life force that we call prana, chi, or the unconditional love. Being one with these energies is the only way to live a healthy, happy & abundant life.


I am an intuitive gifted with a keen ability to understand & manifest energies for healing & wisdom. My gifts can be described aptly as clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience. Simply speaking, I hear, see, & feel energies very strongly. 


Through years of sadhana, I have built a beautiful connection with higher energies – my higher self, higher guides, my Gurus, Guardian Angels. Following their teachings, I have developed a keen understanding of universal laws & principles. I intuitively channel healings & wisdom as per the ancient Egyptian mystery schools’ 12 Feminine Components of Consciousness & the 13th Law of the One Consciousness, together which cover all known healing modalities including chakra balancing, word & sound healing, ancestral karma clearing & akashic record healing, light body activation & quantum healing


I express these 13 ancient principles of consciousness as 13 benevolent energies of Peace, Beauty, Harmony, Love, Devotion, Fearless Expression, Illumination, Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Perfection, Alchemy & Absolute Surrender. These simple expressions of consciousness within us correspond to subtle universal energies that have the power to heal, restore balance in us & in-time cure any ailment and imbalances. As we learn to live in tune with the beautiful harmonics of these benevolent energies, we achieve true abundance, living a healthy, successful & fulfilled life in-tune with our soul purpose. We master the purpose of our existence, to be one with the Divine Light & Unconditional Love! 


I have helped many on the path to heal emotionally, physically, and spiritually & hope to be of assistance on your journey too.  I offer three healing packages broadly explained below. Please feel free to Contact Me if you feel the need to discuss further before booking a session. 

Pain and discomfort, whether physical or emotional, is the body’s way of asking for help. Even the biggest illnesses take roots in us because of one or many imbalances in...
Intuitive Medical Healing
1 h
  • Healing transmission for physical ailments

  • Understanding the energetic cause of the ailment

  • Balancing chakras and building up your light body

  • Healing the root cause, seeding intentions & affirmations for health

  • Connecting with the energies of peace, prosperity & abundance

  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE if no difference after 4 sessions over a course of 2 weeks (10% off)

Are you heartbroken, struggling with low self-worth or debilitating childhood wounds? Our emotional body knows only two realities, LOVE, and the lack of it (FEAR). It ope...
Intuitive Emotional Healing
1 h
  • Healing transmission for anxiety, heartbreak, low self-worth

  • Pathworking meditation to help you connect with your emotional body

  • Balancing chakras, connecting with energies of love, peace & harmony

  • Understanding the soul’s yearning & desires

  • Focus on self-love & seeding intentions & affirmations for heart-centered living

  • Recommended frequency - 4 sessions over a course of 2 weeks (10% off)

Are you on a spiritual journey, looking for a missing link that connects you to your inner voice? You may not even recognize that you are looking for spiritual guidance, ...
Soul Path Healing
1 h
  • Spiritual healing including karmic cleansing, akashic guidance & ancestral clearing

  • Pathworking meditation to help you build your light body & connecting with your higher intelligence

  • Balancing chakras, connecting with energies of peace, illumination, wisdom

  • Establishing a practice to connect with your higher self & guides

  • Recommended frequency - 4 sessions over a course of 4 weeks (10% off)




Energy healing involves transmitting subtle energies that may or may not be perceptible to the day to day human cognizance but would give you an instant feeling of peace & well-being.  The healing can be imparted in person or over a distance of thousands of miles, the effect for both would be the same. At no time during the session, I would need to touch you physically. 


A consultation session could last anywhere from 45 mins to an hour and a half. Given that the process is intuitively guided, I prefer not to interrupt the flow of the session. Please be prepared to block 15-20 minutes extra in your schedule, if required.


Like most holistic health modalities, energy healing transmission does not interfere with traditional & modern medicine systems. I strongly encourage you to continue with the medical treatment or therapy recommended by your medical practitioner.


The number of sessions required to heal vary from person to person, ailment to ailment. It’s important to understand that the physical manifestation of disease occurs when the energies have been imbalanced for a while. Hence, as a rule of thumb, the more pronounced are the physical symptoms, the longer it may take to heal.


Lastly, faith in the blessings of the universe & a heart full of grace would greatly help in imbibing the complete effects of the energy transmission being offered to you. Allow the divine light to always shine within!

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