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I hear her call, faint but clear,

I look around but can’t seem to see her.

The voice is alluring, magnetically drawing me in,

like memories of a passionate love all-consuming.

I want to figure out more, it seems fun but today there is much to be done!


Life is tough right now &, I am fighting with all my might, 

to find at the end of the tunnel some light.

Breathe, in & out in a rhythm, I hear, 

it’s her again, trying to help me find respite.

Intrigued I am, but can’t she see I have no time, no time to breathe!


I woke up smiling ear to ear, feeling inspired like never before, 

for what reason though, I am not clear.

Oh! It's coming to me now, in my dreams she came,

bringing visions of peace, beauty, glory, and heroic feats surreal.

I wish to embrace her but that seems so childlike & immature!


I think I am losing my mind,

for it feels sometimes the voice is me, calling me from within.

Shut it, shut it, shut it, the me I know says in fear,

don’t go chasing that mirage, you might lose the life you built so dear!

It took some time, but I snuffed that voice, now all is like it should be - REAL.


Oh! you figured it all right, my love,

I am within you or dare I say, I AM ALL!

I choose to be you now, 

and you can’t ignore my call!

It’s time for you to be more of you,

so just LET IT FLOW!!!

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