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"I had four beyond wonderful distance energy healing sessions with Preeti that were truly transformative in so many ways. Through using her gifts she was able to access parts of my soul, energy fields and chakras and bring them into balance. I felt as if I were following a great teacher who knew instinctively what my soul was feeling and needed to heal from. I am so humbled and thankful for her and higher guides coming through for me in such profound and meaningful ways. She is a blessed being and is of invaluable service to all ascending into the light. "

Anna D, NYC

I have been seeing Preeti for months on a weekly basis. In our in-person & distant healing sessions, she has always brought in powerful energies that I can feel. Her beautiful voice guides and enlightens, quite a bonus. Since finding her, I have grown by leaps. So grateful for the price she charges and for finding her. Please do not think twice about trying her, you will only bloom.

Sangita R, Toronto

"I stumbled across Preeti through her Facebook page but knew immediately it was not by coincidence. I'd been feeling out-of-sorts for months and hoping for an "a-ha" moment to come but it didn't until I met her. My session was insightful and gave me the clarity I was looking for. With peaceful energy, she offered me practical steps going forward as I work towards my true potential."

Maria L, Toronto

“Preeti's Energy Healing has helped me through a very hard time I was having due to a chronic skin condition. I was suffering from an autoimmune skin condition that causes an extremely itchy rash with bumpy skin and bleeding sores. I met her six months ago when my skin condition had spread all over my body and left almost purplish sores that caused unbearable itching. I was reaching a point where I felt I would have to suffer through this for the rest of my life as there is no cure in allopathy for the condition other than steroids which have their own side effects. She started her healing sessions for me remotely and I saw a steady reduction in itchiness as the sessions progressed. I clearly remember an instance when I mentioned to her that my skin had started to itch under my knees, she focused her energies around that for the next couple of sessions and the itching disappeared. My skin has healed gradually over the past few months and I've not itched for over a month now. I believe that her healing sessions helped heal me from within. Thank you so much, Sumangali for helping me through this difficult time and for healing me”

Rashmi P, San Francisco

"I was going through a very stressful time in my life and was feeling very guilty and depressed which affected my sleep & I became an insomniac. For almost a year I tried every therapy & was able to sleep very little each night with medications. I was losing weight rapidly & felt like I hadn’t slept for the past one year. Then my niece Preeti offered to do my healing. I knew her healing would work for me as she is a very kind and positive person. After each session, I felt the change happening from the inside and felt better.

Now that I am healed, I see that my perception of people around me too has changed. I have no hard feelings for anyone anymore. I am able to sleep without medicines. I am freed of the feelings of guilt and depression.

God bless you for doing this noble work!"

Geeta D, Chandigarh

“My first brush with energy healing was with Preeti, I was intrigued by her belief that any illness can be treated with energy healing. I opened up to her about the erectile dysfunction disorder I was battling with. She did a few distance healing sessions for me and my condition improved in days. It’s been months since I was completely healed and I continue to be well. I am sure with her unique gift, Preeti will make a difference to many lives.”

Nate B, NYC

"I am amazed at the measurable impact that Preeti's Energy healing has had on our son. The improvement in his mental health and well being correlated to the healing sessions administered by her. Our son was not aware the healing sessions were taking place, yet the results were evident. Her's is a gift that needs to be shared with as many people as possible. I highly recommend her services."

Roger P, Toronto

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