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There was a time I could talk about myself for hours, now, however, it's energies that talk and I just listen. I am someone deeply connected to my feelings and the ebb and flow of life force within and around me.


I have a beautiful connection with higher energies – my Higher Self, Guides, Gurus, Gods & Guardian Angels. Following their teachings, I have developed a keen understanding of universal laws & principles, and a deep connection with the Source & the Feminine Creative Principle. I intuitively channel ancient wisdom and healing. Since my serendipitous awakening around 11 years back, I have explored every healing modality ranging from quantum healing to past life regression, irrespective of the modality employed, the inner-being’s core trauma spoke the same messages to me. In time I realized, there are overall 12 soul desires, the last one being complete surrender, that move us to ultimate enlightenment, our ultimate healed state. If only we could align ourselves to the truth of these soul desires, there would be no suffering!

Even before I had understood my abundant gifts as a healer, I had a dream to anchor a self-healing modality on this Earth that can help people experience the true beauty of being made in the image of God. 'Fascia Feels', the healing therapy flowing in me currently is a step in this direction. If we can change our experience, we can change our reality, that is the core concept of mentality, yet it's only the feelings that are capable of creating the required change in our experience. Fascia healing is based on the premise that if you can feel it, you can heal it. I see the subtle fascial network as the intricate Vedic Nadi system, that connects everything with bonds of unconditional love so the light of healing and life can flow through us. 

My purpose in this world, as I see it is to make people feel better about themselves. For when we truly love ourselves, a fountain of our innate light erupts right from our Crown Centre lighting up our Fascia field, connecting us to All, illuminating our whole being and beyond!


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