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Preeti Kumar 











Once I connected with the divine love & light within me,

abundant spiritual, creative & material blessings manifested in my life.

It took years of healing myself & others to reach this pivotal point in my journey and

now it's my purpose to help others heal & connect with their own abundant self!


If you are curious to know more, this is my story…


Spiritual Beginnings 

I often feel that my life truly began once I realized my connection with the energies of light, love & life but that would discredit the valuable journey that led me to that pivotal point in my life! 


I was born & raised in India and led a reasonably abundant, successful, interesting life for the first 35 odd years of my life. Except for frequent observations from people that I was insightful to the point of being prophetic & I had a calming presence, there were no signs pointing towards my gifts & abilities. The only sign I was consciously aware of was a deep yearning for a missing ancient connection & a knowing that at some point I would need to explore it. 


The Start of My Healing Journey

It all changed in May 2013 when I stumbled upon my ability to feel, manifest & understand energies during my first brush with transcendental meditation. Over the next few years, I opened up my innate abilities by learning through various energy healing schools. However, I found the unique expression of my gifts, the ancient connection with my spiritual guides & an understanding of my soul mandate through powerful pathworking meditations with Kathy Roseborough. 


Since then, I steadily learned to communicate more & more clearly with Energies, allowing them to reveal the deep-seated wisdom & healing they carry! My abilities can aptly be described as heightened clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, but simply speaking, I hear, see, and feel energies very deeply. 


My Spiritual Growth

I have a beautiful connection with higher energies – my higher self, higher guides, Gurus, Gods & Guardian Angels. Following their teachings, I have developed a keen understanding of universal laws & principles, and a deep connection with the Source & the Feminine Creative Principle. I intuitively channel healings & wisdom as per the ancient Egyptian mystery schools’ 12 Feminine Components of Consciousness & the 13th Law of the One Consciousness, together which cover all known healing modalities including chakra balancing, word & sound healing, ancestral karma clearing & akashic record healing, light-body activation & quantum healing. 


In this short introduction, my spiritual journey may seem like a series of happy coincidences, but it demanded an arduous commitment to self-reflection, self-discovery, self-acceptance even while my carefully crafted life crumbled around me. The universe blessed me with a steady flow of knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. I, on my part, stayed true to my ‘sadhana’ to continually learn, grow & evolve!


In time, miracles of love, passion, creativity, intentional living, healing, and abundance manifested in my life. I am committed to helping you on your journey to find your miracles!

Preeti Kumar
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