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Fascia Feels

feel it to heal it...

A healing modality that now flows through me to heal our emotions and feelings so we can experience

the true beauty of being a light unto ourselves!


As a medical intuitive and energy healing practitioner, I found many parallels in modern science and ancient healing modalities. The subtle fascial network is much like the ancient Vedic Nadi vibrational channels, that connect everything in the world through bonds of unconditional love, allowing the light of intelligence to flow through us as a collective. In the play of this love and light, life flows through us, awakening us to our highest potential.

“I had four beyond wonderful energy healing sessions with Preeti that were transformative in so many ways. Through her gifts, she was able to access parts of my soul, energy fields and chakras and bring them into balance. I felt as if I were following a great teacher who knew instinctively what my soul needed to heal from. I am so humbled and thankful for her and higher guides coming through for me in such profound and meaningful ways. She is a blessed being and is of invaluable service to all ascending into the light."

Anna D, New York City

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