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Energy Update 2021 - Blessings from the Five Elements

2021 is going to be the year when we start radiating our inner light and manifesting a reality that mirrors who we are within. My previous post was about the overall energies of 2021 & the potential that these energies offer us to heal and grow. In this particular post, I am reflecting upon the energies of the 5 elements that constitute our physical reality, and the effect these energies would have upon us.

Water: Connection

Key Months - Jan to March

We experienced a lot of healing in our emotional bodies in 2020 & it's time to reap the rewards! The water element would bless us with further emotional stability, creative expression & inner peace this year!

January to March would feel like a relief especially after the rough 2020 we have had. We would feel peaceful despite the strife & challenges around. Our creativity would be flowing like never before. Make the most of this blessed year & immerse yourself in all the creative endeavors you always wanted to pursue. If you are seeking love, you would find peace in knowing that you are becoming the person you always wanted to be so that dream relationship couldn't be far either.

Earth: Manifestation

Key Months - April to June

The Earth has renewed and replenished itself while we were busy processing the chaos of 2020. It also has made its presence felt in our hearts as unconditional love, which truly is the biggest manifestation power there is in this world.

April to June would probably be the most blessed months of this year. We will start seeing the manifestation of our most cherished desires. Our inner light would finally be mirroring our reality in all aspects of our life. Success in entrepreneurial ventures, new job offers, new love, successful completion of projects, harmony in love & relationships, all is possible. The only question is, are you at peace within, if you are, the sky is the limit.

Fire: Transformation

Key Months - July to September

The fire energies of the year are complex, demanding persistence & dedication to achieve our goals. While we will see immense change in our lives, these would be the impact of the transformational changes of the past year. By April, we would probably start feeling a plateau and would be looking for a further shift to transform our lives, but this won't come easy.

July, August, September would demand unwavering dedication to study deeper, to reflect more, only then would we find our next big step. This would hold true for relationships as well, after the easy camaraderie in Spring, we would need to invest in the relationship, find common pursuits, passions & causes; else keeping the intimacy going would be a challenge.

Air: Balance

Key Months - October to December

Air element affects our hearts the most, it craves balance and connection with others. As I explained in my last post, the biggest blessing of the great conjunction of 21st Dec 2020 was to restore balance, and we will feel the positive aspects of this balance manifesting in our life, all year through.

Having said that, the energies of October to December, feel intense. While our outer world will finally start reflecting balance & restoration of order, internally we would probably be yearning for a new wave of growth. This might put us in a reflective & pensive state of mind, reflecting upon the impact we wish to create in the world. This, however, wouldn't be half as demanding as the energies of growth we mastered in 2020, so we would get past that and close the year on a celebratory note.

Ether: Knowledge, Understanding, Intuition

All year through especially in the transits 15 days from one element to the other

Ether is the least understood element of all. It is directed at finding our truth and connecting us with higher knowledge, wisdom, and intuition.

There is just so much light now in our world, and it is there because we are ready to receive it. Ether is the element that helps us receive & assimilate higher vibrations & we are going to continue treading this path all year through. As I was writing this, I had a vision of the High Priestess (the vehicle of our higher knowing & intuition) signaling there is a lot still unknown. This year will bring in at least one big revelation or awaken a power both within us & in our world. Whatever this revelation is, it would be powerful enough to change our truth & reality. So, look out for a sign, there is something big & positive afoot in the latter part of the year 2021!

The final message I seem to be getting from these energies as I close this post - ‘be the harbinger of the change you wish to see in your world, it’s all up to you', - summing up the potential of success & transformation the year 2021 is bringing into our lives!


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