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Energy Update 2021 – Ascension, Growth & Healing

Updated: Jan 5, 2021

2021 is going to be a game changer! It would be the year when you start radiating your inner light and manifest a reality that mirrors who you are within. This would also be the year when our world will slowly start ushering in an era of conscious living & heartfelt engagement

We can't really talk about 2021 without going into what 2020 was really all about:

2020 was the year when old paradigms started crumbling around us. This process had actually commenced since 2012 but it all came to a head in 2020. It was an end of an era. Most of us were so busy adapting to the changes in our lives that we couldn't take a stock of how much had permanently changed in our lives and our world.

The year turned out to be a reset of sorts for humanity. While we did struggle with the crumbling of our existing societal structures, but the year gave left us with the biggest cosmic blessing through the Grand Conjunction on 21st December. I had posted a blog a day prior to the conjunction saying it is bringing a lot of light codes for us to heal and grow. However, like everything else in 2020, this too should have come with a caveat, in spite of months of preparation, the energies at the peak of the conjunction came as an uncomfortable jolt to our energy bodies.

I personally felt like my energy body had been isolated or was on a shutdown mode. I was receiving so much of energy but felt completely shut off to the external world. The healing taking place within my body was intense, more intense than anything I had ever experienced, evoking issues & shadows that I thought I had already dealt with. The process went on for over a week & it felt like I emerged back into the world only on the first of January. There is always a silver lining to these experiences, and my silver lining was being greeted by the beautiful energies of 2021. The immense relief that I felt that day was like relief that you feel when you have been stuck in a train stopped on tracks for hours & you hear the first rumble of the train starting again. Our world too seems to be getting that restart in 2021.

The energies of 2021 feel like that of an old friend from simpler times. Of someone who evokes comfort and a feeling of being protected. Someone who allows us to be the best version of ourselves. 2021 seems to be the year when we finally connect with our inner power and find the strength to express that power in our life and our world.

The four central themes of 2021:

There is so much Light

The potential to Heal & Grow is unlimited, just make an intention

The light that we have been receiving since The Great Conjunction is here to stay. I have started to call this ‘the light to restore the Divine Balance', it is aimed at restoring balance at many levels within us & our world. The biggest change its bringing is the much talked about balance between the Divine Feminine & Divine Masculine polarities. This topic is so vast that I would need to make an entire post just devoted to it, but to sum it up in short, whatever extreme you were struggling with in your personality - anger, lack of self-confidence, sensitivity, too much focus or too little focus - can all be tempered now. The energies are such that the scope to heal & grow is unlimited. We just have to set a strong intention & our inner sub-conscious will find a way to heal & grow.

This will also make way for a lot more Romantic Love in our lives, as we balance polarities within, we will also attract the right people who balance our dominant polarity & help us along our journey in this world. As long as you stay in your truth, this year will bring a pivotal turn in your love life!

You can manifest a new reality

Your world will start mirroring your inner reality now

The highest form of the divine feminine, the unconditional love has been rising in our hearts for past few years. It's a very gentle, slow rising energy hence many of us might not have connected with this rising until very recently. This in fact was the trigger for the growth of the consciousness on our planet. For truly, once Mother Gaia started awakening, the cosmic blessings started raining upon us, and then she rose in our hearts so we can begin to awaken as well.

2021 is the year when unconditional love gains a potent presence in our heart space, and this will change the future of our race. The beauty of unconditional love is its magnetic power, it can draw anything and anyone into its fold. It is the power to manifest new realities & once it rises in your heart, it will mirror your inner reality in your world.

Loving Kindness will find its rightful place

The unconditional love within you will start channeling into the Earth

Mother Gaia is the source of the rising unconditional love in our hearts, how can it not circle back into its own source? We as individuals & humanity in general will increasingly embrace loving kindness as our reality & this will heal our relationship with the Earth as well. It won't be an overnight process; we may start seeing it on a mass scale only in next 4/5 years but this year we would start seeing this trend on a rise. This in fact, would be how the awakening of the masses would begin. We are ushering in an era of conscious living, slowly but surely.

The rise of heartful engagement

We will learn to follow thoughts & people who mirror our heart truth

Up until last year our social lives reflected the reality of the content we consumed. We were feeding on content entirely focused on consumerism, we followed fashionistas, social influencers and paparazzi, and appreciated their shallow lifestyle because that is what was projected upon us for generations. This year has seen the slowdown of that trend, and I personally don't think it will rise again at least, not to the same heights. Over the course of next few years, we will see the emergence of heartful content creation & engagement. It will start with the lowest denominators, i.e., us, wherein we will learn to follow thoughts, people who mirror our vibration and heart truth. This would have a powerful & cascading effect in our choice of leaders at family, groups, community & ultimately at the societal level.


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