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What to Expect from The Great Conjunction on 21st Dec 2020?

Updated: Dec 22, 2020

A simplified spiritual perspective based on how the energies feel!

The Great Conjunction

The Great Conjunction happening on 21st Dec 2020 has been a topic of much debate & speculation for months. There is so much information available on how this kind of a cosmic event hasn’t happened in 800 years, many proclamations have been made by astrologers, channelers, spiritualists and all are waiting with bated breath to see what is to come.

I am not an astronomer, astrologer or, seer and I don’t claim to have in-depth knowledge on any of these topics. I am an energy intuitive though, and I have a strong ability to see, hear, feel, transmit energies. I am just sharing my understanding with you to make you aware of the opportunities of healing & growth the universe is offering us right now.

Like everything, energies build and peak over time, so we have been amid these energies for a while now. They have been leading us along on our journey for weeks, if not months. As the conjunction comes into effect tomorrow, they are set to be at their strongest, and it’s the perfect time to set intentions to work with these energies in the coming days, weeks, months & even years for our highest good.

So, what do the energies feel like?

Simply speaking, there is just so much light now! Let me clarify the term ‘light’ here, all high vibrational frequencies produce light whether visible to our naked eye or not. The higher the frequency, the more is the light and it carries all-intelligent life force within to help us elevate to a higher level of consciousness, or simply put, a higher state of awareness. The codes of higher consciousness reaching us in the past few days are the strongest we have experienced so far in our lifetime and are going to affect us in so many ways. Before I get to that part, let me elaborate a bit on how the energies of the past few weeks have been working with us.

The alchemy we have experienced within the past few weeks

Energies don’t just hit us in one go, they grow & diminish over time. The intensity of the current energies has been steadily building up, sending healing to various layers of our energy body so we can dissolve our inhibitions and steadily receive & assimilate more of this incoming light.

The energies of past weeks including those of the recent solar & lunar eclipses were catalysts to cleanse our mental and emotional bodies paving way for the rise of the divine feminine within through the root and causal chakras. It has helped us connect with the unconditional love, the purest expression of the divine feminine in our hearts.

It wasn’t an easy process; you may have felt emotionally vulnerable & your subconscious may have been overactive bringing old pain, hurts to the surface. You may also have even come face to face with a lot of anger that was lurking in the shadows of past hurts and pain. These were not easy to deal with, but the benevolent cosmic energies helped us heal by connecting with love & light within us, making us aware of the inner strength we carry. For many including me, it felt like years of baggage we carried just melted away. In case you are still struggling, you could try the healing meditations & transmissions I posted to work with these energies. These transmissions are timeless and can help connect us with the energies irrespective of the time elapsed. Please click the links below:

What can we expect in the near future?

The energies of the next few days are all about connecting with the unconditional love now residing in our hearts! As we embody this love, we can ascend to higher states of consciousness much quicker than we would have otherwise. Gratitude will be palpable within us, as the road past year has been long and lonely.

Whatever stage of spiritual awareness we are at, the current energies are elevating our connection with the right action (Jupiter), right intention (Saturn) leading us and humanity towards the path of our purpose & highest good. For the next 2.5 years, these energies will anchor an era of peace, hope, and faith within us and our world.

Most of us will connect with our purpose more deeply now and make progress in all facets of our lives. A year from now we will all look back at how much we achieved in just a year in amazement which will give us the confidence to aim even higher.

What should we focus on?

Though the energies are so benevolent, that they are quietly working their magic on all of us, let’s not forget, energies frow where attention flows. So, we must do our work too. The more connected we are with unconditional love, right action, and right intentions within us, the more growth we can assimilate at this time.

It would be very beneficial for you keep up with your mindful practices, whether you meditate, journal, or indulge in any other form of self-reflection, set intentions on what you want to achieve in the coming weeks & months.

The universe is offering us our chance to reboot & reset, are you willing to take it?


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